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So - here we all are living through the Lockdown. I hope like us you are all safe and well. Keep the faith and we will all be back to the `new normal` again soon.  I am lucky to be living in East Anglia at this difficult time. Living and writing in Norfolk in the UK is a great experience. It`s a wonderful County. Close to Norwich - the City of Literature -  this gives all of us as writers support and encouragement. Take a look at the National Centre for Writing website -nationalcentreforwriting.org.uk


I am now enjoying the freedom to choose what I want to write. I have finished and published my first political adventure story.It`s a crossover novel  for younger and older adults.  - `The Red Sea Project`- Lockdown Edition - it`s now available on Amazon . This has been a great book to write and now share with you. it`s the first in a series about the Red Sea Team  -  a bunch of young people caught up in the sinister and dangerous situation of the Middle East. It`s right on cue for today`s troubled situation. Read it and discover a great story and get the bigger picture of what`s  been going on in the Middle East.

Now here`s some BIG NEWS about my Business book  which I am writing with my friend Aravind Ramanan. it`s on the way soon. Aravind is based in Chennai in India and we work together online doing projects in the Middle East and India. We share ideas as we are developing the book  The BIG 6 Business Drivers is an exciting new approach to business which we shall be able to share with you in a few weeks.

For even more variety in my writing life I have been working with my old friend Jim Rutherford.  He likes likes writing about his cat Ringer who is a smart wee cat. Ringer likes working with Bill Putlog especially if he is up high on Bill`s scaffolding jobs. We recently published one of his stories for kids of all ages `Ringer the Hardhat Cat`. Check it out - I`m sure you`ll like Ringer and Bill his dodgy builder friend!  Click Children`s books on this website to see more.