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Hello again. This time I will tell you a little about some of the research I carried out when I was writing `The Red Sea Project`.

Travelling between Jordan and Syria by bus – just like Faqri does in the story – is a bit challenging at any time, but right now you need to check with the Jordanian Travel people – www.JETT.com and of course your own Government`s rules and advice. The trouble in the region seems to be getting a little less now but it`s still a dangerous  place to travel. There have been some reports of the JETT bus running some services again between Amman in Jordan and Damascus in Syria.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to take this trip a few years back before the Syrian war began and before ISIS set out on their murderous moves across that part of the Middle East. My book is written in 1995 when the region was very unstable but it was still possible to travel the road to Damascus.


Damascus can claim to be the oldest continuously inhabited City in the Middle East and  some people say in the whole world. It is certainly a beautiful place sitting amidst the lush vegetation and crops centred on the Damascus Oasis. Fresh cool water flows from rivers .streams and springs. Hatred and misunderstandings contaminate the once lovely city.

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