The Red Sea Project -Jan's Story

Jan and his family  are an important part of the Red Sea Project story. Jan is one of the Business Winners and is already making plans to go to the UK when we first meet him. Jan`s family are victims of the Nazi Holocaust. The German army invaded Holland in 1940 and within two years they had started sending freight trains loaded with Jewish people to  the death camps in Germany and occupied Poland. Jan`s dad, Jules, is quite a bit older than Jan`s friends fathers. Our story is written as if it were 1995 and the end  of the German war was only 50 years before that in 1945. It all seemed like ancient history to Jan, but his dad was only 9 years old when he escaped from one of the German  trains. It wasn`t History to Jan`s dad. He was there back in 1942.

His family had been driven into a cattle truck on a big steam train from Amsterdam headed for the extermination camps at Auschwitz in German-occupied Poland. His mum managed to push Jules out of the freight train before the train left Amsterdam and he ran away. Jan`s dad never saw his own mum, dad and little sister again. 

Not surprisingly, Jan`s own life becomes is caught up with the tragedy of the Jewish people. In our story we find out how these terrible times still influence life in the Middle East today. Jan went with his family to Auschwitz and later met up with his cousin Frank in London. They met at McDonald s at Liverpool Street station where they saw the bronze statues of the little kids who were rescued from the Germans.

Jan finds it tough to escape his family`s history which he takes extremely seriously - but he is determined to get on with his own life when he meets up with his new friends at the Academy. He becomes firm friends with Ariel from Israel , Faqri from Jordan and Faisal from Saudi Arabia.

Jan becomes an important member of the Red Sea Project team. And the football team!


You can read more about Jan and his new friends when you read the Lockdown Edition of the Red Sea Project.

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