Dougal`s Story

Dougal`s Story

Dougal learned about his winning entry at his parent`s home in Glasgow. We meet him in the middle of a difficult Saturday morning breakfast in this rainy Scottish city.

Dougal is trying to make his own way in the world and the Business Winners competition could be the way out of his rather claustrophobic Glasgow life.

But first he needs to tell his mum and difficult dad about his plans for the future. This is not easy as his dad tries to block his moves to take up his prize at the business academy on the North Norfolk coast.

Later the very same day Dougal finds himself at the impressive Nevis Castle in summer sunshine in the Scottish Highlands where he is feeling out his depth with an assertive Anglo-Italian girl. He meets Francesca -- Frankie to her friends - only a few weeks later at the Academy in East Anglia. She is another Business Winner.

But will she remember the shy and rather awkward boy?

Against the odds Dougal quickly becomes a popular and important player in the Red Sea Project team. He brings his quiet good humour and  bravery to the team when he is needed most. His ability to encourage others to work together is found when he forms a great new band and helps the Red Team win an important football match, but it`s never easy for Dougal. He often finds himself in difficulties - sometimes of his own making. And in the end it is Dougal who makes things happen and finds the Lost Boys.

Dougal is beginning to have real influence and becomes one of the main drivers  in helping the young Palestinian people see that there is hope for a better life in the Middle East.

Learn more about Dougal and his new friends in the Lockdown Edition of the Red Sea Project.


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