Tex Cartwright`s story

Tex is Jim Cartwright`s nickname amongst his friends. His dad still calls him Jim and is waiting for him to arrive at George Bush International airport in Houston Texas.

Tex has been living in California with his mother and sister  since his parents divorced two years earlier. He has just found that he has won a place at the Business Winners Academy in the UK and is excited about the prospect of making it on his own terms. He loved living in Houston and although he has been trying to settle in Northern California he considers Texas to be his real home. His mom never really settled in Texas. She was a West Coast girl and his dad was a Texas oil man. Tex sort of understood why they  split up but it really wrecked his life. He had to adjust to a new high school California and try to make new friends. Everyone seemed very different  from his Texan friends. He found it tough, while his sister and mom immediately got into the California lifestyle. Tex was frustrated .Just over the Golden Gate Bridge he could see San Francisco which would be a cool place to live, but his mother rented a house in an artists community way out in Marin County. Tex liked to drive -  but not his mother`s  Honda which was a bit small for the tall young Texan and really didn`t suit his image.

Now back in Houston, his dad lets him drive his open-top Corvette sports car from the Airport down the Freeway to the upscale subdivision of River Oaks where the family used to live before the divorce. Tex likes the admiring looks he gets from the other drivers on the Interstate on his way downtown. But Tex finds it hard to be back in his old home again with all the memories of happier days. Maybe his future in the UK would be better. He hopes so.

His ability to drive and handle a manual gearbox makes him a hit with his new friends at the Business Winners Academy when he is needed to drive a vintage Land Rover in an attempt to rescue his kidnapped friends.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves; before he gets to that stage Tex meets Dougal and the rest of the Red Sea Project team. Tex learned to play drums at high school in Houston and is now the drummer in Dougal`s Red Electric Band. Tex is a big personality and finds himself in competition with Dougal when he meets Frankie. How will that work out? Tex is also a big part in the soccer team , playing central defender for the Reds in an important match. But it`s not all football and music. The Red Sea Project team is trying to find a way for the Palestinian kids to live better and the Israeli kids to be more secure in their separate lives. Tex knows a bit about the Middle East from his dad`s travels to that troubled part of the world. He wants to do something to make a difference. What else does he have in common with Frankie? He wants to make his own way in the world and help his new Israeli and Arab friends make things better in the Middle East. Read more about Tex in the Lockdown edition of the Red Sea Project.

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