Holocaust Education Trust (HET)

The HET is committed to educating each new generation about the genocide attempted by the Germans on the Jewish people. With their acknowledged efficiency they succeeded in murdering  over 6 million men and women. Children too. Yes even the children.

HET does vital work in today`s weird world that spawns Holocaust Deniers. The awful truth must live on so that we don`t forget what happened during  Germany`s  half century of despair and death. I know  lots of people in Germany that i admire and consider as good friends. The German story itself becomes part of  the  tragedy and is part of the plot in the Red Sea Project.

I hope that `The Red Sea Project` makes a small contribution to informing and educating Readers. Jan`s story in Chapter 3 - `Going Dutch` allowed me to tell a personal story; I lived and worked in Brussels and Amsterdam and got to know the real Jules. His story is really scary and he was lucky to get off the train. His parents and sister weren`t so lucky. 

In the book Jan`s parents parents want to involve him in their future plans for the family. Jan wants to be part of today`s world and initially resents their obsession with the Jewish tragedy. Jan gives all of us an opportunity to share his feelings as he grows up.. His wider family were lost to the German genocide and he knows that his father had a lucky escape from a Death Train. His own Holocaust experience at Auschwitz shocked Jan during the family`s pilgrimage. Like Jan I found myself at the gates but couldn`t face the mountain of human hair, the little leather suitcases and the spectacle of stolen glasses. Could you? What would you do if you were Jan?

 The Holocaust Education Trust does a great job. It`s not easy to help people to confront the horrors of the past. In the context of today`s trivial celebrity culture it`s a tough ask. Reaching out to the world requires courage and certainty in your own beliefs. HET  trains and sends teachers out into schools to help today`s young people understand something of it all. 

You can find out more at www.HolocaustEducationTrust.com


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