Fiction Books · 24. April 2021
The HET is committed to educating each new generation about the genocide attempted by the Germans on the Jewish people. With their acknowledged efficiency they succeeded in murdering over 6 million men and women. Children too. Yes even the children. HET does vital work in today`s weird world that spawns Holocaust Deniers. The awful truth must live on so that we don`t forget what happened during Germany`s half century of despair and death. I know lots of people in Germany that i admire and...
Fiction Books · 08. July 2020
This is Tex`s own story as he joins his new friends at the Business Winners Academy
Fiction Books · 24. June 2020
Dougal learned about his winning entry at his parent`s home in Glasgow. We meet him in the middle of a difficult Saturday morning breakfast in this rainy Scottish city. Dougal is trying to make his own way in the world and the Business Winners competition could be the way out of his rather claustrophobic Glasgow life. But first he needs to tell his mum and difficult dad about his plans for the future. This is not easy as his dad tries to block his moves to take up his prize at the business...
Fiction Books · 16. June 2020
When the Lockdown started, I used the time to take another look at the `Red Sea Project` which I first published on KDP last October 2019.