Fiction Books · 08. July 2020
This is Tex`s own story as he joins his new friends at the Business Winners Academy
Fiction Books · 24. June 2020
Dougal learned about his winning entry at his parent`s home in Glasgow. We meet him in the middle of a difficult Saturday morning breakfast in this rainy Scottish city. Dougal is trying to make his own way in the world and the Business Winners competition could be the way out of his rather claustrophobic Glasgow life. But first he needs to tell his mum and difficult dad about his unwelcome plans for the future. This is not easy as his dad tries to block his moves to take up his prize at the...
Fiction Books · 22. June 2020
Jan's family were all victims too.
Fiction Books · 18. June 2020
Jim`s 2nd Blog - Red Sea Project Research: Hello again. This time I will tell you a little about some of the research I carried out when I was writing `The Red Sea Project` Travelling between Jordan and Syria by bus – just like Faqri does in the story – is a bit challenging at any time, but right now you need to check with the Jordanian Travel people – and of course your own Government`s rules and advice. The trouble in the region seems to be getting a little less this summer...
Fiction Books · 16. June 2020
When the Lockdown started, I used the time to take another look at the `Red Sea Project` which I first published on KDP last October 2019.