`In Search of Remington` New York City to The Thousand Islands

New York City

The taxi driver at JFK overheard our conversation in the back of his cab.

“What kind of Remington? Old typewriter? Vintage Rifle? I know a place in Greenwich Village that does all that old stuff. Want to go there now? I could take you.”

I explained about Frederic Remington the artist and sculptor of Western Art. Instead he took us to the Hilton. We had planned a road trip from NYC up the Hudson Valley all the way to the St. Lawrence to find Remington`s family home – now a gallery and museum.

Next morning, I collected my rental Jeep from the midtown Avis dealer and set off in search of my artist hero`s roots. I like driving in Manhattan. The grid system makes navigating easy as we drift along in the tide of traffic from one set of lights to the next. Sometimes we strike lucky and run the green lights for 5 or 6 blocks heading north. I was looking forward to showing Jane Rhinebeck and Poughkeepsie where I had lived for a while back in the day. Driving through Tarrytown where we didn’t for long, we drove past Roosevelt`s estate at Hyde Park arrived in Saratoga Springs for an overnight stop.

Thousand Islands